lunes, enero 22, 2007


Global Warming

(if you still have doubts)

One of the most shocking moments in my life in the United States, was the day I listened people arguing about the global warming. This is the only place in the world were people disputes this fact. So, as a scientist, I made my homework, to read what the experts say about this issue. My findings.

Steve Chu, nobel prize of physics, is now and advocate of the problem of energy. He tries hard to convince the americans that there is global warming and that they have to reduce the waste of energy. In this slide he shows data of how global warming is real:

The full slideshow at

Some people may still find hard to believe. For them, there is and article from the National Academy of Sciences of the US. They also have frightening graphs, showing global warming. The full article is here:

I hope that it is not to late to do something about this. You can help to reduce global warming. Reduce energy consumption. Recycle. Plant a tree. Convince someone of the need of action. Please.

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I really doubt it is the only place people dispute global warming. As a global phenomena is globally disputed!!!!!!
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