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The good, the bad and the ugly about Gatech Physics Department.

The Good:
It is certainly a place with some interesting groups. If you want to be a top researcher in the experimental field of Atomic Physics, or if you can get a good advisor as Jean Bellissard to be at your side, you are in good shape. GeorgiaTech Facilities are nice, campus housing is affordable and provides everything you may need.

The Bad:
The department is small... and poor. Grad Students have to work as TA's either as lab instructors, recitation instructors or graders. This is not a very rewarding position, as the physics lessons are seen by most of the undergrads (and I talk about the engineers who had to take these classes) as ordeals. Atlanta is not only just an small city (compared to vg. Bogot'a or Paris), but also not a very dense one. Chances are that to enjoy it you may really need to get a car, which may put your budget into trouble.

The Ugly:
As the archetypal department of the phdcomics strip, the grad students may be understimated. In most cases your achievement rests most on "working the system" than in learning any physics whatsoever.

Bueno Gabo todas las cosas tienen su lado bueno y malo, lo importante es estar conciente de ellas y saber explotar lo que se tiene al alcance de la mano, pero se que usted sabe hacer eso, asi que pa'lante es la cosa
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