domingo, diciembre 11, 2005


The Physicists.

I must have said this a hundred of times (at least I have thought it that many), but I am saying it again here. The fact is that any discipline has an image among the society that in turn is partially responsible to the people that actually get in that discipline. I am not saying that all the physicists are bad in sports (I know three, at least, that were very good skating as teenagers), but physics has a general tendency to gather people that strongly believes in the existence of a rational explanation or a fundamental truth. With time some of us realize (some quicker than others, in this I am a slow learner, also) that there is no fundamental truth. The point is to get over it and, nonetheless, be a good physicist after all. And even more important, be a good person.

But sometimes the force is not at my side and I finish writing a really though exercise (which at least took me 4 hours to figure out, and other 2 to actually solve the calcullations) using the word: "obviously".

Yeah, Im a little selfish myself.

pues no todo es tan malo en la fisica, el punto es mas como se divierta uno con ella
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